About us

Hi!  I'm Melissa, Lila Joan Boutique owner.  I have always loved everything having to do with style.  In college at WMU (go broncos!), I majored in Communications and minored in Fashion Merchandising. I have always wanted to have my own store and for my big 4-0 decided to make it happen. 

I knew I wanted a meaningful name for my store, and decided to incorporate the names of my nearest and dearest.  Lila Joan, is named after my Mom, Linda, my best friends Lisa and Laura and my sister, Kelly (middle name Joan). They have been there for me in every good and bad turn in my life and I'm so grateful for them.

A little about my own style:  I am a pattern mixer!  I love mixing patterns, textures, colors, you name it. I'm also a HUGE fan of dusters and vests, statement jackets and sweaters.

I love helping people find items that make them feel good. I find stepping outside the box of what you might usually wear but still being true to your style is the best thing about fashion. Years ago at a store a salesperson grabbed a vest for me that I would have never picked out myself and to this day it is probably one of my favorite and most worn items in my closet.

I can't wait to help you look and feel amazing!